Amy Howes Photography | About

So in November, I turned 40!  It's so funny, when I was my sons age, I thought my mother was old, and she was the age I am now!  I sure don't feel old.   I mentioned my son, I have one, Jaden, he is going to be 18 in Feb, and he's a senior in high-school.  I also have a wonderful husband, Charles; whom I have been married to for 18 years.  We have two pet pigs, that live in our house with us. 


As for photography, I adopted a Canon T70 film camera and shot rolls and rolls of film!!  I found another way to create art.  Soon I purchased a digital SLR camera and now I share the results with everyone. 

Trying to get people to act natural is the tough part. But since I enjoy capturing the moment so much I will spend as much time as I have to so I can get that amazing shot. I try to keep up with the latest photography fashion and I do enjoy learning new tricks to make the photos "pop". Whether we are out in the sun or in the studio I hope you and your family will have fun with me when you are getting your portraits done!